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Property + Asset Management

Your asset is not just a building – it’s your passion, your investment.

Make it work harder.

Managing a property or asset on your own can be tough. Save time, reduce operational costs, drive efficiencies, improve tenant retention and boost revenue with Real IQ’s creative, best-in-class management strategies.

Looking for ways to take your investment’s earning potential to the next level? By partnering with Real IQ’s team of property management specialists, you’ll free up your time to do what you do best while we implement industry leading processes and platforms that boost property performance.

Property management

A successful rental property is built on healthy rates, low vacancies and happy tenants – that makes building relationships key. As your exclusive property managers, we’re highly experienced in attracting the right tenants, handling tenancy agreements, collecting rent insurance, sorting out tenant issues and ensuring seamless transitions between tenants.

Asset management

Your asset is not just a building – it’s your passion, your investment, your livelihood, your future. When you choose Real IQ to manage it, you’re trusting a team of genuine property partners who care deeply about ensuring it performs optimally for the long haul. We can take care of everything from renovation and maintenance, to safety and risk management, asset lifecycle planning and implementation of sustainable practices within the property.

  • Increase income
  • Enhance the value of assets
  • Optimise tenant retention
  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce risk
  • Optimise costs
Genuinely driven

At Real IQ our greatest satisfaction is helping others. It’s a passion that is rooted in real world experience, with our directors having firsthand experience involved with or running businesses that experienced the pressures and stresses associated with untenable running costs and unreasonably high rents – issues that flow through to the success of the investor. Our great skill is finding the right combination of efficiencies and cashflow to make your investment pay off in the best way possible.


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