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Strategic Property Advice

Find the right asset at the right price.

Confidence, performance.

Starting or growing a property portfolio can be a complex and daunting journey. If you lack the required knowledge and experience it’s easy to get led down the wrong path, from the maze of laws to the lures of Perth’s boom-crash property cycles.

At Real IQ, we give prospective landowners, land developers and people looking to invest in Perth property the confidence to make smarter, quicker, fully informed property decisions – decisions that maximise the performance of your portfolio or identify opportunities for future growth.

Our decades of practical experience stand us apart. We’ve been around for a long time, made mistakes and learnt from them, in good times and bad. Now we want to share our insights with you as you navigate your own property journey. It might not always be what you want to hear – but sometimes the best deals you do are the ones you don’t. We firmly believe you make your money when you buy the site. If you pay too much, you will forever be chasing tail.

Unlike real estate agents (who are motivated to say every market is the ‘right’ market), Real IQ is involved beyond the sale. We’re genuinely interested in advising you on what will work, what won’t work, when to pull the trigger, and when to move on.

Our Strategic Property Advice involves:


Real IQ can undertake thorough due diligence, engaging key stakeholders to understand specific project objectives, evaluate the marketplace, determine the challenges within which you operate, prepare a detailed financial analysis of your portfolio, and mine core data that will inform and direct your property investment strategy.


We can help you secure suitable commercial and residential property opportunities, including off-market and distressed stock. Our goal is to find the right asset at the right price, delivering maximum return with minimal risk. Drawing on expert advice from our partners across Australia, we look at potential acquisitions from both a top down and bottom-up approach, giving us an in-depth understanding of the property, dynamics of the local market and how it is likely to affect your investments, both today and in the future.


Our experts develop strategies to ensure your portfolio evolves with your business requirements over time.

Genuinely driven

At Real IQ, we know every client is different – some want advice alone, some want advice and execution. We pride ourselves on taking an individual approach to each project by putting your needs first – always. Thanks to our unique personalised service, you get access to directors with a wealth of experience who work with you at the coalface to mine up-to-date data and guide you through every element of your strategic decisions.

Our motivation is simple – we love helping people. If we get the strategy right, the financial rewards will come. But we genuinely get a buzz out of seeing you have a win. To us, that’s what matters most.


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